Hello! I figured I would introduce myself before I start my first book post, on the off chance that this reaches past my friends and family. My name is Cassidee, and I’ve loved reading since I was old enough to do so. My interests heavily lie within the fantasy genre, and I am unabashedly involved in the fandoms that I enjoy. I have a tattoo that combines my three favorite authors’ work: Patrick Rothfuss, Robin Hobb, and George R R Martin. While fantasy is always going to be my first pick, I am pretty open to all flavors of novels, and love historical/historical fiction, general fiction, a bit of chick-lit and romance, as well as memoirs. This blog will mostly feature book reviews & my “to be read” lists, but may occasionally delve off into musings, recipes for my friends and family (I love to cook), and ravings about my latest obsessions (as I hinted at, I’m pretty passionate about the things I love). I have a three year-old momma’s boy at home, bartend, watch my nephew, and try to put my family first, so these blogs may not be as often as I’d like, but I appreciate anyone that takes the time to read them. Spreading a love of reading is something that I’m passionate about, and I’m always open to book suggestions or requests!


I’m also on Goodreads! Username Cassidee Lanstra.

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